Our Team

ministers’ wives & widows

MWDDC Officers 017 (Sheet 17).jpg

pastor bettye howell, chair

Shiloh Temple International Ministries

MWDDC Officers 005 (Sheet 5).jpg

First lady Shari Smith, Vice chair

Christ Temple Apostolic Church



more to come

FIRST LADY Erica Young, secretary

Greater Bethlehem Temple World Ministries

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Lady Christina Foye, Treasurer

Christ Temple Apostolic Church



more to come



The purpose of the International Minister’s Wives and Minister’s Widows Auxiliary is to unite wives and widows of our Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. ministers into a common fellowship for support, encouragement and personal growth. To provide programs of excellence that will educate, inform and inspire them to the highest degree of spiritual, intellectual, and social development. To also provide each ministers’ wife with an opportunity to gain confidence and experience through expression and exercise of her talents and skills on the International level. Ultimately preparing ministers’ wives and widows for greater and more effective service to God, their husbands, and their congregations.